Digital Storyteling Script and Video

“My Road Not Taken”
The “Road Not Taken“ is a favorite poem of mine and seems to personify my life of late. It also describes the twists and turns of my life. Having grown up on a country farm with 9 siblings, my world was influenced by the lack of neighbors and the quiet, nervous shape that quivered inside me. Our family was close, Catholic, and comfortable. Alone, on the unpaved caliche road that stretched for a mile to the nearest highway, I walked with nature. Making collections of wildflowers and leaves was a favorite pastime. Around me Kennedy’s assassination, the Vietnam War and Nixon’s resignation kept time with history. Early in my adult life, affection took me on another adventure that produced two children and my new life that was birthed a few years ago. Another bend in the road brought me to education, a life of teaching while learning. In time my path brought me to a true love with passion, my muse, and a revisiting of my poetry writing. I now work with educators with technology, science, and a group of professionals that suffer from the same perfectionism that I do. This brings me to my new journey. Two more years to retirement, my masters almost complete, one child grown and married; the other in flight, aging parents and my cowboy along with me. So I leave my road not taken with a poem that may yet be published, like me.

Paths Unknown
Learning to live life’s story,
Keeping perspective in what it teaches us,
Holding on while letting go is the pattern developed,
Turning left when right is too comfortable,
Looking for the challenge that lies ahead,
Armed in lace and slippers while steeled inside,
Along the way angel wings surround and keep safe,
Knowing of untraveled paths,
Life still lies ahead.

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