The file for the UDL Lesson for EDLD 5364 Teaching with Technology is attached to this page.

UDL Reflection:

Creating the UDL was an enlightening experience. The form is fairly standard for lesson plans, but formulating assessment features are always of interest to me. Many teachers do not have a good knowledge base for creating effective assessments. One reference which I take them to is from the Intel Teach website. The assessment portion of the Intel Teach website begins with this quote, "When assessment drives instruction, students learn more and become more confident, self-directed learners" ( This statement defines the formative and summative areas of the UDL. This website also makes the effort to publish types of questions which many teachers ask, and illustrates when and how to ask them at the proper time in a lesson delivery. When creating the UDL, or any other lesson plan, I always include questions that complement the activities. Students can delve into content if they are presented with the right questions or are allowed to ask them. I feel that questioning is one of the most important features of a lesson and purposely included questions which address the three networks. The UDL planning provided me with a creative outlet for addressing assessment.

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