The animation which I created is below:

There are 21 frames in the somersault which the figure completes. I feel that a science teacher could use this animation or have students create this animation to exhibit the concepts of force, motion, acceleration and rotation. I chose to export as a Quicktime movie as per directions for the assignment, but also wanted to see how the animated GIF would differ. The .mov allows a single loop with control of varying the speed before producing. A student can pause the animation to analyze different phases and actions/reactions. The animated GIF loops continuously and does allow you to change the speed of the animation, but the result is always the same quick speed shown below. You also cannot pause the GIF, so analysis is more difficult than with the movie file. This was an enjoyable learning experience. I will be showing how to use this in a digital classroom during our regional technology conference in May.

10X speed .mov file

14x speed animated gif